Our Veterinarians

Terri Cole, DVM

Diplomate, American College Veterinary Internal Medicine


Special Interests & Why I Love What I Do

My areas of professional interests and expertise are minimally invasive diagnostics, cardiac disease, oncology diagnostics and management.

I have spoken to our veterinary community on endocrine emergencies, cardiac arrthymias, diabetes, liver biopsies, and respiratory physiology.

What I love most about FVARC is the team approach we foster. It is an environment of camaraderie that optimizes all aspects of care for our patients and their families. Collaboration between the doctors ensures our patients receive the most comprehensive care while keeping our team current across the different specialties of veterinary medicine.

Our nursing staff and client service team are unmatched and I love working with them. They truly care about the patients and their families and strive to offer the best care and service possible.


My family is constantly running to keep up with our kid's activities. Our two children are very active in sports due to their father's genetics, not mine! Soccer RULES at our house, it has even influenced our most recent dog's name, which is FIFA, a jack russel terrier. Basketball takes a close second. Other pets include labs Bindi, and Tuli, and two quarter horses, Rookie and Yukon complete our family.

My number one passion is my family. When we are not running around for sports, we enjoy playing cards and competitive bingo! We love to hike and explore State and National parks. I love to read and recently became "hooked" on knitting thanks to Dr. Breuhl.

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