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Louis Licari, DVM

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care


Special Interests & Why I Love What I Do

I started my veterinary career in emergency medicine as a technician even before I started veterinary school. I love the variety and unpredictability that comes with emergency medicine. I particularly enjoy the medical and surgical management of trauma patients. The challenge of stabilizing, diagnosing and recovering the most severely sick and injured patients is truly my passion. It can be difficult to be an emergency and critical care specialist since we lose many patients due to the serious nature of what we do. But that makes it even more rewarding to see my patients go home. It also feels good to know that I have been there for my clients during difficult times.

My professional interests also include the development of new specialty practices. I am one of the founders of the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center and the Green Bay Animal Emergency Center. Also, as a partner in Horizon Veterinary Services I have been involved in the development of Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center, Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center, Central Wisconsin Animal Emergency Center, and River Regional Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Jacksonville, FL.


Away from the hospital I enjoy spending time on the lake boating, waterskiing and fishing. I love to cook, which makes my wife very happy and I enjoy music. In a “former life” I played trumpet in a jazz band. I am currently learning the frustrations of golf and my favorite way to unwind is to explore state park trails with my wife and our two yellow labs; Vinny and Tommy.

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