Our Veterinarians

Kendra Carlson, DVM



Special Interests & Why I Love What I Do

My professional interests and area of expertise include emergency and critical care medicine, toxicology, infectious disease, and endocrine emergencies. One of the things that I love most about what I do, and working at FVARC, is the strong team atmosphere and collaboration between all services. We all work together to combine knowledge, expertise and resources for each one of our patients in order to give them the most advanced, comprehensive and compassionate care possible.

In addition, I also love that I have been at FVARC for more than a decade and every day is different. Plus, every day brings a new opportunity to learn.


I am the proud Mom of a mutt named Freya, a cat named Russell, a three-legged cat named Captain Jack Sparrow, and the baby of our family is an Australian Shepherd named Aspen. Aspen has just started agility. Other than being a little distracted, she’s a natural. I, on the other hand, have some work to do.

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