Emergency & ICU

Appleton and Green Bay Pet Emergency & Critical Care

Our veterinary emergency teams are on duty around the clock. When seconds count, experienced emergency doctors and a highly trained medical support staff are ready twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our team’s passion for and dedication to emergency and critical care are essential aspects of our ability to handle the most urgent illnesses and traumatic injuries with skill and understanding. Whether it’s the need for progressive, urgent care or ongoing support of an intensive care patient, our emergency team will always be there for you and your pet.

Emergency and Critical Care Services

Intensive Care Unit

The location of the intensive care unit in our hospital allows our doctors and nursing staff to continuously monitor our patients throughout their hospitalization. Many of the veterinary patients we see are critically injured or have life-threatening illness. Constant observation and hourly treatments are necessary for us to address their special needs. In addition, our intensive care and ongoing monitoring give us the ability to monitor and assess pain and provide appropriate pain control to keep our patients comfortable. Careful observation of every patient is the key to finding minor physiologic disturbances before they develop into major problems.

In addition to a skilled and attentive nursing staff, the center uses a wide range of monitoring devices: